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LoganWest LLC

Clean, Professional Web Design & Development

LoganWest LLC is dedicated to producing clean, professional, creative web sites.

The best website for your company is the one built for your company. It needs to accomodate all of your business needs for the internet. If you're a service company like us, then a simple web site like this one could fit your needs.

We excel at joining the right web site to your company. We have a long history of building sites from scratch or customizing pre-fab content management systems (like WordPress and storefront software). Whatever platform will help get the right site up and running for your company is the one we'll use for you.

We've been in web design and development since 1997. We've got the experience and expertise to build exactly what you need.

About Us

We've worked hard to keep our customers happy since we started in 1997.

It's a simple theory. Keep your customers happy. We strive to give our customers what they want, build realistic expectations, get work done quickly and accurately, and deliver within the promised timeframes.

We've heard horror stories from business owners who had their websites held hostage by a web development company. Not with us. We encourage our clients to control their own access. We will always provide you with any passwords and usernames that we set up for you. It's YOUR website, we're just here to service it.

Here's a tip for new web site owners: get your domain name and hosting from separate companies. That way, you can never be held hostage at a hosting company and you will always maintain control of your domain name.

Contact Us

Use the information below to contact us.

You can email us at mail@loganwest.com or send us some good ol' fashioned mail at:

LoganWest LLC
PO Box 2971
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Testimonials for LoganWest LLC

"[LoganWest Head Developer] Joe Williams is the ultimate workhorse. Not only is he always there when you need him, but he consistently goes above and beyond expectations in regards to quality. I have worked with Joe on several projects, including a website built from scratch (later sold for a profit), blog development, and eBooks. He excelled in every area. However, his assistance with the website really stood out. The website was aesthetically appealing, highly functional, and he always had a solution to a problem. I would highly recommend Joe for any website project."
-- Dan Moss